Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 WAY2112

Hello everyone, we are going to take a look at the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 replica watch I recently purchased, reference number WAY2112. That's right, this model was released in 2014 and a new version was released in 2017. The new version comes with a magnifying glass. I think its loom is bigger and the hands are slightly larger, but I prefer to use the older version. This version can still be found in the store, and a higher-brand tank with the same retail price is undoubtedly a controversial ban because they are one of the fake watch collectors who hate it. Some people even claim that their imitation watches are overpriced, and there are some arguments that they use inferior materials, such as a plastic fixing ring as the movement of the movement, as a cost-cutting measure. I will try my best to bear the debt later in the video. Decrease, but I think the higher price is very successful in their marketing campaign, because if you want to ask any non-gatekeeper for a higher brand storage tank, then compare it with the same level of brand.

Watch Size

Well, let's take a look at the size of the replica watch directly. The case of the fake watch is 41.5 mm in diameter and has a lock that can lock the thickness of about 47 mm, which is about a few meters. The width of the lock is 20 mm. The case is made of stainless steel. It has a brush on the top, and on both surfaces there are high-polished screws on the sides with logo crowns, with our logo and baffle on it, which makes it look like charissa's iconic appearance. The baffle is an all-steel stainless steel baffle, no inserts are used here, and there are such blocks in odd hours. Their highly polished protruding parts indicate that you know the working hours, and we have deep engravings on even hours Numbers, there is a block in the position of the traffic lock. The frame works very well. It is very soft and can be turned easily. Part of the reason is that you know that the block protrusion provides more grip, but there is a little bank wrinkle. , But you know it's good but not bad.


It seems that the frame is useless, because there is no mini street view backpack on the frame except for the block protrusions and engraved numbers, so let us see if you want to try to spend a few minutes, if you plan to dive with this fake watch, It won't be done very well, the bezel won't be of much use, but again, who will dive in the mechanical cleaning you know so far, let's get into the watch replica surface and let me try to tell you, Turn on some lights, or hope to see the surface better, so that the doll is what I call the ship deck dial, it looks like you know you are on the ship know that when you stand on the ship and on the floor, it looks like this, So my impression is that although I believe this is something on a ship, I believe this is another feature of this work that I like most.


Except for the unique frame, the mark is always like an arrow heating mark, but there is a large triangle traffic lock on it, and the hour and minute hands of the 6th and 9th have slightly larger arrow marks, their appearance and design Similar, and full of looms, all the markings and Baloo of your hands, the second needle has the arrow tip that you know does not mention which loom is used, but I think this is a good choice, it is The green loom, maybe I just don't like it. I think you can see the loom now, yes, you can see it. A green loom is OK, the loom is good, it can be used continuously, and then it is still very bright in a certain light, especially in this broad daylight, but it does a good job, and the logo is printed here On the block, the caliber of the word appearing is five, printed with 300 meters of waterproof paper, and then there are mini trekkers around, and there is a date window at three o'clock, which is just framed by a printed square frame, and the date wheel is again White, this provides the power for this work. What is a five-caliber tire, but it is actually Selita SW 200, which beats at a speed of 280,800 bits per hour and has a 38-hour power reserve. Tag Heuer replica does not Speaking of written accuracy, but according to my statement, "In two weeks, I can add about 10.7 seconds per day, which is not impressive. I believe that the fuel tank can be adjusted by a little more earth movement. Better, because I bought a better watch replica at a lower price with higher accuracy than this super clone watch.

What is controversial is that this replica watch actually has a plastic fixing ring for sports, so there are many arguments that this is a measure of Tag Heuer replica watches to cut costs, you know this can save some costs, but if we Consider the overall structure of this fake watch, then you will find that the entire watch fake is made of high-quality finishing. Stainless steel is used for precision processing of fire crystal. The solid end ring and solid ring bracelet and fixed ring on all parts are The percentage to me thinks the total cost of this piece is insignificant, so why use a higher stacking scheme on such a trivial piece, especially putting a small fixed ring on such a huge replica watch to save some cost, I mean It really doesn't make sense to say that it's not that I'm trying to defend the replica Tag Heuer brand, but I just want to understand the arguments you know about cost savings and all of them. If you look at it, we're not talking about what you know Of very mass-produced or very mass-produced works. For example, a pen or a children's toy. 

This is a clock, so I think if you compare it to a pen or a toy, the volume will be so loud that the insignificant quantity will not save a lot of money every year. According to my experience in plastic parts manufacturing Knowledge, you will need to invest in an injection molding tool, not because of injecting plastic, so let's say if the volume is not high enough and you try to amortize the cost to such a small amount, I think plastic retaining ring will not be better than stamping Metal plates are much cheaper, so maybe it's back to some of the advantages of plastic fixing rings. I have to emphasize that now I don't want to defend the tank oil. Any controversy is caused here, but I want to know what you know about using ceramics. The reason for the retaining ring, when I thought about using it, compared to saying that the valve stem metal ring plastic is first of all non-magnetic, the ceramic retaining ring has some advantages. This is because it is even more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel plastic. To a certain extent, it It's more flexible than metal, and you know maybe it does help with impact resistance. Well, I don't want to sound like oh, you're a big fan here, I'm not a fan, I just like some replica watches, so in I stopped here before I went in, so the case of the replica watch is a sturdy screw-fixed Bank, which is likely to bring sadness to the explosion of the diving helmet. I mean s is not very impressive, but there you can I saw the 300-meter fire truck sign that fired automatically and the Swiss who had been serving me since 1860. 

Yes, the brain hired the school. This bank has a long history. Iran. In my opinion, this bracelet is very good. All the links are solid, and they are connected to the watch replica body in a firm way. The top of the link is a brush. If you look at it, the center link is just It highlights a bit, makes the mane more distinctive, and the scenery is polished. Unfortunately, the links are only fixed by ordinary pushpins, without screws or pins and color systems, so it can be said that for this price tag, replica TAG Heuer should actually It is included in the link like a screw, and they do have half of the link and the foo link and Halflings' hasp is a machine clip, a solid middle-class, there is a button deployment buckle, the button here is a brush, I do think The wording of replica Tag Heuer just printing a small TAG Heuer fake watch is a bit tedious, I hope they can't at least not include the fake TAG Heuer logo, the shield logo I think it will look much better. The bracelet also comes with a diving extension device. It is just made of stem metal, but it serves the purpose very well. I think this is how the replica watch looks on my 6 inch. I think it's a good wrist, even for my small The size of the wrist is not overwhelming, because I believe that due to the short knock on the door and the fact that the lock has a tapered incision, it looks like it matches my little wrist on your wrist, You can definitely feel its heaviness, you can know it is there, you can feel this feeling, this is what the class looks like after the improvisation filming is done. Let's end this video, I know that higher vests are a frustrated brand for most fake watch collectors, or should I call them fake watches not that hobby, I like this piece, you know I'm in a precarious position Location, I suspect that when I get this piece, I will be defeated by some super clone watch snobs. You know what to buy at the end of the day. What you like to wear is your money. S is your replica watch, so we don't have to take those replica watch snobs The little man bows. For me, this work is of course a very good work. Don't complain. Of course, there are some areas that can be improved, but I think this is what everyone does. The clock is there.


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